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Today's Film Programs

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Also Like Life: The Films of Hou Hsiao-hsien
7:00 p.m. Cheerful Wind
Hou Hsiao-hsien (Taiwan, 1981)

Current Film Series

link image thumbnail Alternative Visions
September 3 - November 19
Our annual fall series featuring avant-garde cinema includes guest presentations by filmmakers Laura Heit and Jerome Hiler, as well as a centennial tribute to local luminary James Broughton and a selection of films by a new generation of local artists. Two programs explore expanded projections, films with two images side by side or superimposed. Leslie Thornton also presents two programs of her work as part of our series Afterimage: Filmmakers and Critics in Conversation.

link image thumbnail Eyes Wide: The Films of Stanley Kubrick
September 4 - October 31
This complete Kubrick retrospective begins with his first feature, 1953’s Fear and Desire, an existentialist exercise in the futility of war, and ends with Eyes Wide Shut, an absurdist exercise in the depths of the erotic, released after his death in 1999. These thirteen films, made over a span of forty-six years, reveal the ever-curious, pessimistic, and meticulous mind of one our great directors.

link image thumbnail Activate Yourself: The Free Speech Movement at Fifty
September 11 - October 30
Activate Yourself brings together punchy, probing documentaries and feature films that testify to the expansive influence of the Free Speech Movement, born on the UC Berkeley campus fifty years ago this October. Expect a bevy of special guests at each screening, including veteran activists, experts on free speech, filmmakers, and others who witnessed Berkeley in the sixties. But don’t just watch, activate.

link image thumbnail Jean-Luc Godard: Expect Everything from Cinema
September 12 - October 23
This installment of our Godard retrospective focuses on the period 1968 to 1979, when the French New Wave director turned to the problem of how to “make films politically.” It includes work made with Jean-Pierre Gorin under the banner The Dziga Vertov Group—Gorin joins us in person for an illustrated lecture and to introduce Ici et ailleurs—and experimental works made in collaboration with Anne-Marie Miéville in the 1970s. We conclude with Godard’s “second first film,” Every Man for Himself; his return to narrative, Godard-style, is featured in the next installment of our series, which continues through April 2015.

link image thumbnail Discovering Georgian Cinema
September 26 - April 19
Inspired by BAM/PFA’s significant holdings of Soviet Georgian films, Discovering Georgian Cinema explores the rich cinematic tradition that has emerged from this distinctive cultural milieu during the past century. Including over fifty programs presented over seven months, this series offers multiple opportunities to encounter an impressive range of stylistic approaches and thematic concerns, as well as lyrical depictions of Georgia’s spectacular landscape.

link image thumbnail Film Course: Spotlight on Georgian Cinema
September 29 - October 27
A five-week film course offered in conjunction with the series Discovering Georgian Cinema, gives you the opportunity to view 35mm archival prints and learn more about Georgian history, geography, and culture, as well as the stylistic traditions of Georgian cinema, from leading authorities.

link image thumbnail Also Like Life: The Films of Hou Hsiao-hsien
October 10 - December 14
We are pleased to present a retrospective of the work of Hou Hsiao-hsien, “the world’s greatest working narrative filmmaker” (J. Hoberman), who first came to prominence as a key figure of the New Taiwan Cinema movement of the 1980s. Our series begins in October with Hou’s early works, including screenings of his first three, extremely rare commercial films. The series continues through mid-December, with such acclaimed titles as Dust in the Wind, Flowers of Shanghai, and Café Lumière.

Upcoming Film Series

link image thumbnail I’m Weiwei: Activism, Free Expression, Human Rights
November 2 - December 11
A series in solidarity, I’m Weiwei addresses many of the issues that confront the great Chinese artist Ai Weiwei—basic human rights, free expression, incarceration, abuses of state power. Innovative documentaries offer portraits of men and women who have found themselves actively engaged, whether in response to unexpected circumstance or as a result of a calculated allegiance to a cause. Includes Ai’s newest film, Ai Weiwei's Appeal ¥15,220,910.50, and special guests in person at most screenings.

link image thumbnail Jean-Luc Godard: Expect Everything from Cinema
November 8 - December 13
Godard’s films from the 1980s, the focus of this installment in our ongoing retrospective, mark a (relative) return to narrative. Genres from slapstick to detective stories are mined, juxtaposition and fragmentation are enlisted, and sound and image angle for supremacy. Ultimately, though, Godard continues to interrogate what cinema means to him. "The(se) films . . . are arguably deeper, more technically accomplished, and more daring than the early ones" (Richard Brody, The New Yorker).