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  • Landscape
  • Life, Autumn


  • Thursday, February 23

    3:10 PM (124 mins)

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Three Short Films By Sergei Loznitsa

In Conversation

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Beautifully filmed, Life, Autumn presents a portrait of a small village in rural Russia, near the city of Smolensk, with its aging population. Despite the shortage of basic necessities, life carries on. In the strikingly visual, award-winning Factory, Loznitsa and his film crew observe the inner workings and rhythms at a factory during the course of one day. “Less is more for Landscape, an austere but absorbing formalist exercise consisting entirely of left-to-right tracking shots depicting people waiting for a bus in the Russian town of Okulovka” (Variety).

Films in this Screening

Life, Autumn

Sergei Loznitsa, Marat Magambetov, Russia, 1998


Sergei Loznitsa, Russia, 2004


Sergei Loznitsa, Russia, 2003