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Space Is the Place

  • Introduction

    Jim Newman is a film and television producer,  contemporary art curator, gallerist, and musician. He is the producer of Space is the Place.


Sun Ra, Barbara Deloney, Raymond Johnson, Erika Leder,

Inspired by Sun Ra’s 1971 UC Berkeley course The Black Man in the Cosmos and filmed in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Richmond, Space Is the Place is an otherworldly frolic combining intergalactic bebop with riffs on black liberation. Director Coney's boldly mystical blaxploitation film takes to heart Sun Ra's cosmic philosophy of music as a liberating force. Performed by The Intergalactic Myth-Science Solar Arkestra, Sun Ra's music suffuses the hip-edelic atmosphere. Whimsical, funky, and alchemically whack, Space Is the Place takes on Afro-liberation, extraterrestrial activism, and whatever else enters the ever–expanding mind of Sun Ra" (Steve Seid). Please note: This is the uncut version.

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