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  • Wednesday, March 1

    3:10 PM (170 mins)

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Some Like It Hot

35mm Print

  • Lecture

This is the world where genre clichés have replaced reality and the lack of perfection is a cue for anything goes.

David Thomson

Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft,

Billy Wilder thumbs his nose at all the rules, mixing slapstick and screwball, gangster film and musical into a racy, transvestite farce. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, Prohibition-era jazz musicians on the run from gangland Chicago, don drag and sign on with a touring all-woman band featuring singer Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe). The film’s homo- and heterosexual audacity seems more remarkable as the years go by. All the principals are at their comic best, with Monroe’s sweetness shining through an intelligent parody of The Blonde.

Judy Bloch