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  • Friday, February 24

    7:30 PM (128 mins)

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In the Fog

(V Tumane)

In Conversation

  • Critic Neil Young writes on film for Sight & SoundMUBI NotebookThe Hollywood Reporter, and other publications.


Vladimir Svirski, Vladislav Abashin, Sergei Kolesov, Vlad Ivanov,

In the Fog, which was awarded the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, is an adaptation of a novel by Belarusian writer Vasily Bykov. The setting is 1942 on the German-occupied western frontier of the USSR, where the local partisans are fighting a brutal resistance campaign. A rail worker, Sushenya, and two partisans, Burov and Voitik, become involved in a story of defiance and betrayal. “Loznitsa uses a beautifully muted palette of colors, silvery in night scenes, pale gold in daytime shots” (Pamela Troy).