• Wednesday, November 16

    7 PM (55 mins)

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Feel the Burn: Video Art and Television

  • In Conversation

    Chip Lord is a founding member of Ant Farm and a present member of LST.

  • Steve Seid was video curator at BAMPFA until 2014.

Since its inception, video art has been the troubled offspring of television, sharing in the same boob-tube technology and industrial-grade aesthetics. Spurred on by a popular resentment of mass media, many video artists took on the Tube as a double duty, to critique crass media and deliver themselves from their pernicious parent. The centerpiece of this critique has long been Ant Farm’s seminal Media Burn, a high-impact performance that propelled a customized Cadillac into a pyramid of burning television sets to sear several incendiary American icons. The Burn will be accompanied by four additional works illustrating the possibilities of media mauling. 

—Steve Seid


Tonight’s program, curated by Steve Seid, is presented in connection with Mind Over Matter: Conceptual Art from the Collection, on view in the BAMPFA galleries through December 23.

Films in this Screening

December 3rd, 1998–12:03–1:17 A.M.

Anthony Discenza, , 1999

Media Burn

Ant Farm, , 1975

Untitled (Phantom Dream Car Goes to Berkeley)

Jane Aaron, , 1979

Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry

Dara Birnbaum, , 1979

Why I Got Into TV and Other Stories

Ilene Segalove, , 1983

Perfect Leader

Max Almy, , 1983