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  • Saturday, February 4

    6:30 PM (82 mins)

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  • Friday, February 10

    4 PM (82 mins)

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Blind -- United States -- Drama, City and country life -- United States -- Drama, Murder -- Investigation -- United States -- Drama, Police psychology -- United States -- Drama

On Dangerous Ground


Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, Ward Bond, Ed Begley,

Ray's study of the vigilante mentality is here personified in one pent-up, brutalizing city cop, Jim Wilson (Robert Ryan), exiled to a wintry town where a mentally disturbed killer is being protected by his sister (Ida Lupino) and the townsfolk are out for blood. Lupino plays a blind woman; we hear her before we see her, and the deep resonance of her voice alters the tone of the film. Set to a Bernard Herrmann score, the glistening urban noir gives way to a moody snowscape, where understanding and redemption come, as always in these fatalistic films, a few heartbeats too late.