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  • Wednesday, January 25

    7 PM (121 mins)

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  • Les Blank Lecture

In Counting, Jem Cohen (Museum Hours) brings his discerning camera eye to a series of international locales where his idiosyncratic vision coaxes meaning from the most ordinary details. From winter snows in Coney Island to a South Asian enclave in the Emirati state of Sharjah, the itinerant filmmaker and cinematic flâneur pays homage to his artistic forebears, in particular Chris Marker, while composing an intimate yet expansive film essay on modern urban life.

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Gravity Hills Newsreels: Occupy Wall Street, No. 3, 2, 5 ½

Jem Cohen, United States, 2011

Cohen made a series of newsreels during the Occupy Wall Street protests in fall 2011, which he describes as “modest, small observations."