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Barbara Ulrich, Gilles Pandel, Jubarite Semaran, Arnaud Dommerc,

Straub’s digital meditation on struggle and resistance “is the closest Straub has come to an autobiographical film” (Artforum). Extracts from classic writers and theorists (Malraux, Fortini, Hölderlin) merge into clips from Straub and Huillet’s own work. In cinema, as in life and literature, the resistance continues.

Jason Sanders
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The Algerian War!
(La Guerre d’Algérie!)

Jean-Marie Straub, Switzerland, France, 2014

Straub recounts his refusal to fight for France in the Algerian War.

Followed By

The Aquarium and the Nation
(L’Aquarium et la nation)

Jean-Marie Straub, Switzerland, France, 2015

An André Malraux quote, a Jean Renoir film, a Haydn symphony, and an aquarium in a Parisian Chinese restaurant form the crux of Straub’s latest consideration.